EXCLUSIVE: Coach Prime x Apple Music Announce Usher will Perform at Superbowl Half Time Show in Las Vegas // Deion Sanders Partners with Blenders Eyewear // Chad Johnson Partners with HBCU Esports League as Brand Ambassador for Twitch Game Series // Biggest Gaming Influencers of 2023 & more

This time last year, I was in Atlanta, celebrating my brother's 40th birthday, and attending the REVOLT Summit x AT&T (now REVOLT WORLD).

One of the Summit's major highlight's, was the PUMA x HBCU Homecoming We Are Legends Collection; I reviewed here.

Well it's Homecoming Season and Football is back!!!

As Coach Prime enters the chat, we're reminded how Black talent has shaped American culture....   

In less than a month, American Sports Legend, Deion Sanders and family, show and proved on the field in Colorado - making College Football exciting again!  

Before we get into Sanders' recent accomplishments; we have to mention how Black Gam[ers] keep Football exciting off the field as well.   

Chad "OchoCinco" Johnson, another Football Legend, has partnered with Cxmmunity Media, as a Brand Ambassador for the fourth season of their HBCU E-sports League, a "culture & lifestyle gaming show on Twitch".  

"I'm excited to be working with the HBCU E-sports League and help them grow to new heights in their fourth season, " says Chad.  "Gam[ing] has always been a passion of mine and I wanted to support Cxmmunity Media's mission to diversify the gam[ing] industry."

Season 4 will host "student gam[ers] from 15 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Howard University, North Carolina A&T, Wilberforce University, Morehouse College, Florida Memorial University, Alabama A&M, Benedict College, Claflin University, Delaware State University, Johnson C. Smith University, Southern University and Texas Southern University) [competing] in a series of tournaments, [and] a chance at $170,000 in prize pools towards scholarships."

HBCU E-sports Leagues' mission is to "work towards driving inclusion forward in esports, while providing an entertaining experience for all to enjoy, says Cxmmunity Media Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Johnson."  As "Black professionals are vastly underrepresented in the gam[ing] category.... despite 83% of Black teens identifying as gam[ers]...."   Read more in Culture Creators Instagram post above. ↑

Similar to HBCU E-sports League, The National Football League and Madden-24  teamed up to host their 4th Annual Madden-24 x HBCU Tournament this Winter.  

Those interested can learn about this partnership and available opportunities at hbcutournament.nfl.com.  

Wanna compete and win a trip to the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games??  REGISTER HERE.

While we're on the topic of Black Gam[ers], we gotta give an anonymous shout to the most influential TEAM → BUT we can't post here....  ๐Ÿ˜

Love 'em or not, they've built an empire, and a seriously hyped following, off streaming in just a few years.

I used to love Chargers...  but Audi's been my favorite for a minute now! 

Driving isn't my best skill, so I'm especially excited for the Audi Aicon, an AI - Driverless Luxury concept vehicle.
See Supercar Blondie's review of the car, and all it's glory below:

I don't know when this vehicle will hit the market, but I hope it makes it to the United States!  

Maybe one of the Sanders' will add to their collection! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‰

Head Coach, Coach Prime and his two sons, Shedeur and Shiloh Sanders has the country going ham, topping every Football headline at The University of Colorado.  

Shedeur led the team to a huge win as Quarter Back, against Colorado State last weekend.  

Not only did we show up on the field, 9.3 million people viewed it on TV, making "it the most watched late-night college football game ever on ESPN."

I hold the control like the Gam[ers]! -  Queen Nic

Speaking of millions of viewers; Coach Prime partnered with Apple Music to announce Usher will perform at the Superbowl SBLVIII Half Time Show in Las Vegas, February 2024!

See the clever exchange below:

With all these eyes on the home team, PrimeTime gotta have a good pair of sunnys!

Blenders Eyewear partnered with Deion Sanders for two versions of Coach Prime shades.  

The limited edition Blenders Eyewear x Coach Prime sunglasses combine Sanders' "style with Blenders' bold aesthetics.... [S]et in the Millenia X2 silhouette with the brand's signature PureBlend Polar Lens, [the design brings] a fusion of style, sports, and spirit to fans across the nation."  PRE-ORDER yours at BlendersEyewear.com
Love to see it!  

Stay in the mix with the family, by following them on social media and youTube.

These are my favorite videos:

Shiloh, Shedeur and Shelomi Sanders look for a house in Colorado

Shilo Sanders plays piano in the mall

Coach Prime's Daughter Battle - Deiondra and Shelomi

Deiondra Sanders gives a little insight on where she is currently in life and speaks on her Dad & Brothers

Who's old enough to remember the Deion Sanders Diamond Turf 1993-94 Nike Sneakers?

#Throw๐Ÿ”™   These were so dopel !  Only the fly boys had them in middle school. 

Luckily for sneakerheads Sanders linked with Nike again, and has been spotted at Buffalo games with a new version, of unreleased Nike Air Max Diamond Turf '96!

View Nice Kicks #TBT review above ↑ and read more about Coach Prime's latest collaboration.