Was Meg the Inspiration for Tory's Late Night Hit??

Disclaimer: We do not condone abuse or violence to any person, specifically to Black Women in particular.  We do not condone shooting anyone or playing with firearms. We take the following allegations very serious and hope those affected receive justice.

The internet is swarming with news of Megan Thee Stallion being shot in the foot while out partying with Tory Lanez, and minutes after leaving Kylie Jenner's house.

In a confusing series of events, it seems as if Meg was involved in a secret relationship with Lanez; and trying to end things, or leave him for the night.  The night ended in chaos and Meg was ultimately hurt.

Because neither of the two superstars have confirmed these stories, this is all alleged.

Ironically, even with a national lockdown and nationwide civil protests; Meg and Tory were both on fire 🔥 this year.  With Tory creating 'Quarantine Radio' and getting millions of viewers to check-in daily on his Instagram Live and Meg dropping more bangers amid a lawsuit against her label; the unlikely pair could've actually been considered a dynamic duo!

Many were shocked to hear they may have been messing with each other on the low.  The internet is going ham with jokes; but I actually think it's cute!

The fact that no one would expect to see them romantically linked is what I'm here for!

However, I DO NOT condone abuse or violence against anyone. Their  fans deserve an explanation because people are ready to cancel Tory Lanez.

Impaired judgement, substances, and emotions are never a reason to physically harm anyone.

Coincidently, we recorded one of Tory's late night IG sessions where he picked a beat and a subject with the help of his fans. He then went in a studio booth, and instantly created a hit; displaying his musical talent and why his career has been successful thus far.

The recording was previously published on our YouTube channel a few weeks ago, but with these new allegations, we can't help but wonder if Meg was some of the inspiration for the lyrics.

Let me know your thoughts on all of this in the comment section below.

Are we canceling Tory or still rocking with him??