Pour the Zinger... Here's MY Truth: A new outlet for celebrity news & shared stories

We're creating a platform for people with social status and star power.

As someone who formally worked for a Celebrity Publicist, I know there are times when entertainers want to speak their truth; however don't, for a number of reasons.

I recently saw a clip where Lil Kim was supposed to go on a press run for her new VH1 hit show Girl Cruise.

However, she declined appearing on a couple of media outlets, because she's decided she will no longer do press who instigate and ask outdated questions.... 👏

Our new platform will take a more positive approach. We would like to give celebrities and people in celebrity camps a voice to share things, they might not want to share on their social platforms or other blogs.

If you want to share something positive that other outlets are not shining a light on please share it with us here.

If there is a story that came out with a negative overtone, but actually had a positive outcome please share!

We're open to sharing stories anonymously. If there is something you felt you were wrong about, and would like to get off your chest; feel free to share that with us as well.  We would love to be the bridge to mend broken relationships.

Our platform will not focus on deep, dark gossip or groupie tales. It's more about spreading more positivity and sharing your truth.

We are willing to change individual names, depending on the nature of the story and the parties involved.  There may be a fee to share content depending on the nature of the information.

Email FashSenseMedia@gmail.com with all news, stories, questions, etc.