Fitness Goals : Why Having The Right Workout Wear Is Important - by Morgan Reiner [Guest Blogger]

Regular exercise improves your physical and mental well-being; but did you know that what you wear during a workout can impact your performance as well? 

Aside from getting you in the right mindset to start your workout; workout clothes provide many other benefits.

If you're just starting to exercise, then you likely don't have a workout wardrobe. This article sheds some light on why having the right outfit is important during exercise, and what to consider when picking out your workout gear. 

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1. Comfort

You won't be able to finish a workout if you're not comfortable. It's important that you pick something that works for your body type and make sure the clothing isn't so tight that it restricts circulation, or so loose that it gets in your way. Similarly, you don't want heavy or non-absorbent clothing - wearing the wrong material can ruin your whole workout.

2. Safety

Your clothing should always keep you safe during a workout. For instance, if you're lifting weights, then you need clothing that allows you to be flexible so you don't pull a muscle. On the same note, if you're running then you need the right shoes so you don't injure your legs, knees, or your ankle during a run.

Accidents are pretty common with aerobic routines, and this is why trainers are so keen on safety issues. Just make sure your pants aren't too long so you don't trip, and don't wear loose fitting pants or top because they might get caught in exercise equipment.

3. Flexibility

Exercise forces you to become flexible in order to perform the routines. Failing to perform the routines safely can cause you to get injured (and workout injuries hurt really bad).

Your workout clothing should be designed in a way that provides you ultimate flexibility and support; and this means the clothing should be made of material that stretches easily. This makes sure the clothing moves with you as you reach, bend, or stretch as needed.

4. Sweat-wicking Material

Since you're going to be sweating a lot during your workout, you need breathable fabrics (like the kind offered by Endeavor Athletic) that will also wick away moisture so you don't overheat. The best fabrics keep you feeling cool even during the most grueling workout routine.

Besides the sweat factor, some workout clothes are also designed in a way that prevents bacterial growth - and this means no more smelly workout gear.

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5. Protection From Environment

The right workout clothes can also shield you from the environment. 

If for instance you intend to exercise outdoors during Summer, then having soft, loose clothing will make a world of difference to your workout. Having breathable fabrics makes sense because you need your body to stay cool in order to sustain intensity workouts.

Also, in the case of Summer heat, you need bright colors that will reflect the sun's rays away from you. On colder months you can put on an extra layer of clothing to protect you from the cold air - however you still need clothing that provides ventilation so your body temperature stays regulated.

6. Better Range of Motion

If you've ever tried running in a pair of skinny jeans then you know how restrictive they are. It's practically impossible to run - even if you're good at it. 

This is why it's so important to put on clothing that allows you to move easily. The minute you put on proper workout clothes, you will feel lighter, faster, and you'll be more inclined to complete your routine - with energy to spare. 

For the best performance, always choose smooth, flexible clothes and avoid heavy or tight-fitting outfits. Ideally, the clothes should feel like an extension of your own body, allowing you to leap higher and move faster without much effort.

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