SHE, Off-Broadway Choreoplay Sheds A Light To Healing For Sandra Bland And Violence Against Women [Tickets Available Inside]

SHE, Choreoplay hit's Off-Broadway next month at GYM AT JUDSON in New York City.

The play Written and Choreographed by Jinah Parker and Directed by Tamilla Woodard, is in memory of Sandra Bland, the young African American Woman who died in a Texas jail in 2015, after being arrested during a routine traffic stop for failing to signal...

... A common practice, which unfortunately had a devasting ending with the loss of Bland who suffered from depression and had just moved to Texas from Chicago for a new job.

Kevin Powell the Founder of BK Nation, who is also known for his Activism in New York City, contributes as the Producer of SHE

The Choreoplay hightlight's violence against women and girls and provides a guide for alternative ways of healing.  

SHE, premieres on March 31, 2018 and 
officially hits Off-Broadway stages April 6, 2018.

Tickets for MULTIPLE DATES through May 2018 
can be purchased here or on Eventbrite.