Love & Hip Hop New York Cast Rock Impromptu Concert 'Grafh & Friends' At Lower Eastside Mercury Lounge [Explicit Content]
Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez

Love and Hip Hop New York cast members Grafh & Jaquae rocked out at surprise concert Tuesday hosted by H2O Music at Mercury Lounge in New York's Lower Eastside.

Prior cast members Nya Lee and BBOD's Sexxy Lexxy joined the On My Line and You The One artists in getting the crowd turnt along with other talened voices including Josh Jacobs and Tanya Jones.

See list of all performers, more photos shot by Don Quality Images, and how we shared the night with our followers on Instagram below.
                                  Haron Hargrave Founder Of H2O Music
                                                          Sexxy Lexxy gets the ladies turnt
                                                   Jaquae always ready
                                 Sexxy Lexy, Jaquae, Nya Lee & Grafh take some flicks
                                                          DJ Trase Official DJ for H2O
                                                Jonny Vulgar spit some real bars
                               The beautiful Tanya Jones represented for Island Gals  🌊  #bajantings

List Of Performers:
  •Izaiha Vincent •Josh Jacobs •Jae Slim •Tanya Jones •Johnnie Floss •YSE - Young Splashy Entertainment •Larry Hustle •Jonny Vulgar • Banga • Grafh • Jaquae •Sexxy Lexxy • OG Nya Lee

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