New Year's Eve Sigma Beauty Make-Up Unboxing // Savings Code Inside

It's New Year's Eve and we've made it through another year. 

Thank God!!  

We created our vision board yesterday and feel the need to explore new opportunities for 2018.

Aside for the usual resolutions....  more money, more happines, more family and more life (drake voice); we're focusing on more health and beauty this year.

So we're giving a shout out to our friends at SIGMA BEAUTY for recently providing one of Urban Fashion Sense's clients with a beautiful make-up box.

Scroll down for the photos we took as the lovely gift was unboxed.

The beauty box provided everything a lady needs to prepare for a flirty fun night out.

Upon unboxing we found:

A Professional Basic Eyes Brush Kit 
Eyeshadow Palette
Liquid (Lipgloss)
Lip Crayon
Powder Brushes

If you made it this far, we'll assume you enjoyed our unboxing; so don't hesitate to head over to SIGMA BEAUTY and create an account today. 

Additionally you can enjoy an extra 30% off of selected products before January 3rd, 2018!