FASHION FORWARD: The Future Of Fashion Design. Social Influence. Digital Marketing. Collaboration. A Gif Analysis.

As we move further into the 21st Century, we're inclined to find better, easier, cooler ways to do things and FASHION is no exception.

We've progressed from sewing machines and hand-made garments to exploring machine-made pieces, digitized prints, and 3D technology

Most people would agree Wearable Tech, Minimalism, and Avant Garde designs are the leading interest in The Future of Fashion, however there are a few other key factors which determine whether or not your ready-to-wear will be received by the masses. 

Aside from cool details like zipper socks, hoodies with built in headphones and sweatpants equipped with phone chargers, the Future of Fashion Design is highly driven by Technology, Social Influence and Digital Marketing

Fashion runs parallel to Entertainment - 
the cool kids determine what's trending.

Revolutionary Fashion has always been associated with taking a political stand and going against the grain, but, it's more accepted today than ever before.

This notion is mainly due to social influences, sharing information and embracing the fact that WE have more things in common than we think.

The fastest way to sell anything is through Social Influence / Digital Marketing.

For instance, Gucci's Meme Campaign, Dior's Feminist Collection, D&G's #Boycott Dolce&Gabbana response, and Balenciaga's Bernie Sanders co-sign collections go viral because of their marketing campaign strategy.

🤔 It sounds weird to say a collection has gone viral but that's the social climate we're currently in.

Highsnobiety elaborates on this in a recent article you can read it here.

Digital Marketing is awesome for SEE NOW, BUY NOW rollouts.

Those of us who work in fashion retail have seen the decline of in-store shoppers and the rise of online sales.

Online shopping contributes immersely to the expansion of package delivery, shipping, and courier services.  

Nowadays everyone wants #InstantGratification.  

Consumers appreciate the luxury of seeing something online and receiving it immediately.  Same-Day delivery services such as Amazon Prime and in-store pick-up are more accessible.

So designers incorporate live stream fashion shows in their launch plan, and allow collections to become available once they hit the runway .

It didn't take long for social media outlets to catch the wave 🌊 and began implementing BUY NOW ads on their timelines.

Nike, one of the most innovative brands in the world; is the most recent to take advantage of this opportunity. The brand inked a deal to sell footwear on Instagram and Amazon.

A driving force in partnerships and collaborations; Nike is known to work with cool designers and individuals as well.

Designer collaborations now fuel the future of fashion in addition to digital and social influence.

Currently the Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collaboration is the hottest collection to hit pop-ups shops and maybe even the most unexpected.

Although LV has always had a bit of an edge, the thought of the luxury house crossing over to Supreme, the Kingdom of Streetwear a hypebeast favorite, didn't cross the minds of the most fashionable bloggers.

Supreme is not the only brand to receive high-end notoriety.   Vetements recent collaborations with Manolo, Juicy Couture, and Dr. Martens take the culture to new levels.

Who doesn't love a distinct shoe collaboration?
Salvatore Ferragamo Bootie '17 - '18 Collection  -  Designed by Creative Director Paul Andrew

Rihanna, Goddess of pop edge and fashion-forward style; is no stranger to desirable collaborations and endorsements.

Aside from talented stylists and superb management, her social influence solidifies her prominent position in fashion.

Similar to Rihanna, Lady Gaga has built her career on collaborations, provocative messages, and futuristic style.  

Alexander McQueen, Stevie Boi and Jean Paul Gaultier are a few of Gaga's fashion inspirations.
Alexander McQueen

Many would agree; Gaga's Gaultier looks mimic Madonna....

.... But imitation is the best form a flattery.... Right?

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Fashion is fame. Collaboration and imitation go hand and hand.

... So whether it's Nicki Minaj borrowing Lil' Kim's style or The Met recreating The Notorious B.I.G Mo' Money Mo Problems video set for Manus x Machina Instagram; it's FASHION FORWARD → to capture the moment and relive it forever.
Kim Kardashan West and Kanye West At The Met Manus x Machina 2016

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