Rihanna, Estelle, Carmen Electra & Cara Delevingne; Follow These Fashion Addict Sisters & They Gave Urban Fashion Sense '6 Style Tips' Here [Video]

Imagine following your passions and doing what you love everyday, with your best friend and other half....

No, not your man or your home-girl.... Your sister!!!

Anyone who shares a close bond with their sister, as I do, can relate.  

Sisterhood is not only a blessing but also, an in-describable balance.

Your sister is like your sub-conscience.  Always with you, even when you're not physically together... especially when you're close in age and share the same passions....

As someone who deeply relates, I had to interview The Fashion Addicts, sisters' Lolita and Chantell, for Episode 6 of 6 Style Tips with Urban Fashion Sense.

These Queens New York natives, created an Online Boutique and business out of their love for personal shopping and custom styling.

Our host Lu White of Crown Befits The Child, got 6 AMAZING STYLE TIPS & the scoop on some of The Fashion Addicts current followers, including Cara Delevingne, Ursula Stephens, Carmen Electra, Estelle, Rihanna & more....

Check out our interview above and subscribe to Urban Fashion Sense on YouTube for our next episode. 

Special Thanks to Ava Brew & The Fashion Addicts.

Produced By Imani Clark of UrbanFashionSense.com

Hosted By Lu White of CrownBefitsTheChild.com

Edited By John Markic DJONA.com

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