Reset Time: Spring Forward with VOID WATCHES

Daylight Savings is approaching....  Reset time.  Re-vamp your watch collection.... 

 Spring Forward with VOID WATCHES.

As a watch collector, I'm always looking for a cool sports watch. 

Unisex timepieces are a big thing for me.  Most of my watches are bold statement pieces.  

I'm not crazy about small, dainty watches; or anything "gender specific".

I was an avid G-shock and Fossil consumer, but Fossil batteries run out too quick!  I'm not investing in those anymore.  

Luckily, I came across VOID WATCHES and immediately fell in love with the design aesthetic.

The square compass face was a bold statement piece I wasn't used to, and the Japanese minimalist influence was a cool touch....

My kind of watch!

The versatility of digital and analog watches allow you to choose seamlessly between work and recreation.

They're a CLEVER alternative to your everyday "smartwatch"; for people who enjoy style and innovation without the multi-functional headache.