She's Da Bomb: Kardashians Keep It Cute In Boohoo Bomber Jackets

While Mrs. Carter teaches us to slay 'In Formation', Mrs. West keeps her bomb fashion sense after giving birth to her second child.

One thing I like about Kim Kardashian West; is that she has a casual but trendy style. 

She doesn't necessarily set trends, but she has a specific taste and rarely strays beyond those bounds.

Blazers used to be her staple piece of outerwear, but she's embraced the Bomber Flight Jacket like so many other socialites and trendsetters.

Kim is in no way a Tomboy (or Tomgirl) like me & her sister Kendall; but always looks cute in a Bomber, with destroyed jeans or a fitted dress.

Not only does Kim have a fabulous wardrobe; but her jackets' are probably more affordable than you think!

How affordable you ask?  Well, after doing some research, I learned that Kim gets her Bomber Jackets from BOOHOO

The online site I mentioned in my "Fashion Secrets" post....  

And....  That's not all....  The cherry bomb on top is that BOOHOO has Bombers for as low as $35!!! 

 Cute, trendy, sporty, chic and casual....

 Wheww! *catches breath*
There's so many choices in color and design....

What the heck? I'll probably buy two...

... The Celia & Khloe Bombers. 

Why not?  It's NYFW and I didn't get tickets to Kanye's Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show....  Did you? 

Let's splurge and at least pretend we're hopping out the range with Kylie in Yeezy Boots and a Bomber Jacket.

Bomb Throwback
 Joy Deja King "I'm Da Bomb"