Mens Fashion Week is wrapping up and I'm preparing for NYFW 2016 Women Events... but before I tell you about the shows I went to, and how I couldn't get into the Dockers Opening Party (because I didn't RSVP #bloggerproblems) .... I CONFESS....

I have a WEDGIE!

I know TMI.... But it's actually not what you think!

I'm referring to my LEVI'S WEDGIE JEANS !

The new denim everyone's talking about, and celebs like Kylie Jenner are making headlines over.

Angela Yee even mentioned them in The Breakfast Club's Rumor Report last week. 

The WEDGIE accentuates your curves; giving your booty, and hips just the right amount of va-va-voom ! 😸

Being that I don't have major curvesLEVI'S jeans are my go-to denim!  The brand is
 known for their cute, "curve-cuffing" styles.  

My 524 Superlows and Boot Cut Denim have been in rotation for months, BUTT the WEDGIE 😄 is inspired by LEVI'S 1960'S 505 jeans : Slim Fit and High Rise.

The back pockets are slightly tilted inwards to create a round derrière affect.

Good thing they're cropped, because it rained the day I wore mine....
 Me & Dash (Stylist) At Mens NYFW Skylight

.... Which made it even more perfect for running around to the city.

I rolled my WEDGIES up to a cuff and wore them with my Dr. Martens Alexandra Ankle Boots & Missguided Flight Bomber Jacket.

Me At video shoot in Long Island, NY

The WEDGIE Jean looks great from every angle, and comes in a few different washes.  You can purchase your pair at LEVI.COM 😉.