"Love that bag!  Where'd you get it?"; is exactly what I heard about every 10 steps at Liberty Fairs trade show last week.


Although I was flattered by the attention, I reassured patrons who asked, the backpack was free and they could get one too...

"By check-in, I laughed...."

My new WESC backpack (Liberty Fairs patch and all), really was cool and appropriate for the event.  

It's spacious, with a zipper, velcro flap and buckle latches.  The blue hue complimented my navy blue ensemble perfectly and I easily stored all the look-books/cards I accumulated throughout the day.


It was my first time at the trade show, but I instantly knew I would return regularly to the event.  

Just one week before New York's Mens Fashion Week, it's the perfect place to meet fashion executives and have business conversations.

I bumped into one of the event's Producers, Ouigi Theodore, also designer for The Brooklyn Circus; in the press area.  

We had a nice chat over grilled cheese chicken sandwiches and squash soup....  Ouigi forgot- we meant prior when I was the Media Coordinator for PLITZS fashion show a couple of years ago.  Lol.

Anywho, there were lots of cool designers and coordinators at the fair.  

Including Barney Cools, Alpha Industries, Fat Moose, A Black And White Story, Coco And Breezy, Packs Project, Void Watches, DTE by Jeffrey Sebelia and HACULLA.

Creative Director for Haculla; Jon Koon, was the last visionary I spoke to at the event.  I learned; Haculla was inspired by Street Artist Harif Guzman.

 Guzman & Koon

The brand's average customer is most likely an expressive individual.  If you're uncomfortable in your skin, or haven't yet tapped into your creative juices it's probably not for you.

Only the super edgy and die hard street-wear enthusiast should rock these pieces.

From the dark color pallet, graffiti-drawings, to the destroyed washes and manic messages - Haculla exemplies the urban go-getter.

Many of your favorite artists including, Rita Ora, Tony Yayo, Waka Flocka, Skrillex and Chris Brown can be seen rocking a dope sweat shirt or jacket. 


Here's a few of my favorite looks for Fall/Winter 2016:


I can see Wiz Khalifa or Travis Scott rocking Haculla too.... 

Did this happen already???

Speaking of....  Their song 'Bake Sale' on 
Wiz's new album "Khalifa" is wavy!

DJ Mustard's 'Whole Lotta Lovin' ft. Travis Scott is just in time for Valentine's Day, and Travis Scott's album Rodeo is dope too!