Behind The Scenes At Darrio's 'Explode' Video Shoot On Long Island // Calvin Klein "Fuccboi" Fashion Sense Lives On [Video Exclusive]

Bloggers just wanna have fun!  

Critics never speak on the work that goes into being a Blogger. 

Aside from the time and dedication spent on curating the actual blog and consistently creating content; it entails lots of research... Reaching out and following up on projects....

Especially if you're not a gossip blogger, your content is most likely organic and unique to your following.

So, if you're like me and get a last minute call to show up at a Dancehall video shoot on Long Island, one rainy Winter day, of course you go!  Having no idea who the artist is or what the song was about....

Spontaneity is my middle name (well sometimes), the suspense in finding a hidden treasure adds FUN to the mission!

Besides, the last Dancehall video shoot I contributed to, was Elephant Man's 'Pon De River' over 10 years ago....  Ever since, good tunes have been sporadic in my opinion.  But alas, Dancehall nice again!

After a long commute, I arrived to a cool vibe at Magnet Sports & Entertainment Lounge and was among the first people to get there....

 The ladies were busy putting the last touches on hair and makeup.

Dominique of Night Glam Studio beat the ladies' faces 
and then got glammed herself.

KreativStyles made sure everything was in place as always.

The man of hour, Darrio (known for his song Gyal Sidung with Konshens); soon arrived and the atmosphere went from workshop to workout.

This video was edited by John Markic

His premiere song 'EXPLODE' echoed through the lounge and the ladies wasted no time getting sexy; whinin' for the cameras.

Who knew the leading lady would be a Fuccboi Goddess?

Candice Jay Music & I  #FuccboiSwag

'Explode' video dropping soon....  

Shout out Magnet Lounge & the female led production crew:

Resorz Media - Stephanie Chery - Production Manager

SandikanePR - Sandra Dieudonne - Publicist

Shadyville NYC - Shaddei May - Director

Jodilee Couture - Stylist

Night Glam Studio - Dominique - MakeUp Artist

KreativStyles -  Ayanna Renuad - Coordinating Assistant

 Much love to DJ Macdaboss!