Urban Fashion Sense "Fashion Secrets" // Favorite Stores To Shop // Shopping For Discounts & More

New York Fashion Week 2016 kicks off next month and I'm already in the spirit.

So, I'm doing something I've never done before.

I'm going to spill a few of my Fashion secrets.... 

Well maybe more than a few, maybe a lot (this post WILL BE LONG). Lol

Okay, so you're probably thinking how I have a fashion blog and not giveaway secrets?

Well actually I have... in a way.... 

When I first started this blog I began writing about men's fashion, not really realizing it....  But as I'm getting older, I'm straying away from my Tomgirl ways and embracing women's ready-to-wear again.

Actually that's not it either  #TomgirlForLife

I did go through a period however, where women's fashion didn't impress me much....

Maybe it was because I worked at Banana Republic for a long time....  But those days are over.

There's so many designers/styles in demand now....  

The flight bomber jacket even made a comeback - it's trending crazy!

I even harassed Missguided for this one! Lol.  


I'm obsessed with the style detail, fit and color.  Not to mention, it's actually warm!

Some designers are in such high demand they enable more and more collaborations.  

High-end designers partnering with affordable retailers; used to be unheard of...   

Celebrities are also getting in on the collaboration action more than ever before.

It's fun to see people really embracing fashion again, and profiting off of it as well.  Like, all the online and Instagram boutiques....

Buy, Sell, Trade and Consignment boutiques have popped up all over the city since I first started the blog.  As well as apps for you to rent and borrow clothing.

I've stayed away from renting and trading; but you can find some cool deals at consignment shops, etc.

Honestly, I do most of my shopping online...  Clothing, beauty, accessories, household items - you name it!  All online.

I do this for a couple of reasons:

1) I live in New York City and actually hate shopping among crowds of people. 
2) I live in New York and don't have a car.  
3) I like knowing that I'm the first person to own my purchase, but most of all....
4) Lots of times you can find great discounts and exclusives online.

Some people complain; online shopping costs more because of shipping.

But, you can find discounts and many retailers offer free shipping.

Always look for a discount or promo code before checking out.  

I usually try 2-3 discount codes before I make a purchase.  Sometimes they don't work but there is a 60% chance they will.

I go ham shopping online....  I love to shop and believe shopping SHOULD BE FUN.

I will even spend a day going from store to store before I decide on what to buy. 

I'm kind of OCD with it... which is another reason, I prefer to shop online.

Instead of rummaging through racks, and in & out of stores all day - I can just surf the web in the comfort of my home.

I know its crazy and may even be an illness, but hey; I always find some good stuff!

So where do I shop? 


My favorite retailers to shop are ZARA, H&M, Topshop, & Mango.  

I like American Eagle Outfitters for denim.   

Ralph Lauren still offers some amazing pieces, I'm slowly falling in love with their Denim & Supply line.

 Love this Mango Zipped Backpack. Had to get it!

Bergdorf Goodman instantly became one of my favorite department stores while working there as well.  Many people don't know Bergdorfs is the subsidary company to Neiman Marcus.  So those of you who love Neimans; should hit up BG too!

It's totally pricey, but the discounts are great during sales.  Not too mention the atmosphere is cool.... 

There's always an in-store event going on.

I like shopping at Bloomingdale's and Macy's (which is now the parent company) as well.

Many of the larger department stores are starting to open smaller discounts shops such as Nordstrom Rack and OFF 5th SAKs.

You can always find some goodies in these stores which are similar to Century 21, but they're not my favorite.

I really don't like looking through racks and racks of clothing to find something good. 

This is probably why I don't spend much time in the consignment shops, but those are definitely where you'll find some treasures.

Remember; shopping should be fun!


As far as online shopping; ASOS is my number one favorite store to buy clothes.  There's never a time I don't find something I like & the prices are amazing.

I used to surf ShopBop, Revolve Clothing and Karmaloop; but that was before ASOS!

I recently found myself shopping on Missguided and Boohoo.  Really cool stuff for cheap.


I know most people are crazy over NastyGal, but they're way too pricey and I honestly don't think all their stuff is cute.

I'm really into details and creativity.  They do offer some of that, but again too pricey. 


While surfing the internet I've found a few new treasures....

Pixie Market has nice Vintage clothing....  I'm not the Vintage type, but I'll probably purchase a cute piece sooner or later.

I'm also feeling The Arrivals and N:Philanthropy for affordable outerwear.

Scotch & Soda has nice stuff as well. 


... To Urban Outfitters?  

I used to love them and American Apparel....  Luckily they still have some goodies even though the company structure is falling apart.

I thought Brooklyn Industries would've been bigger, but I think they're to expensive.


I shop for shoes at all the above stores (obviously), but I particularly like ZARA, Miista Shoes, MIA shoes & Jeffrey CampbellCheck out my post on Dr. Marts.  Love those too!

Being from New York; sneakers are a must have....

So, it's a no brainer; I'm a Converse/Nike head, but I'm feeling VANS, ADIDAS and PUMA at the moment.


New York Sneaker Heads frequent Flight Club, Kith and Extra Butter for exclusive sneaker releases; but I like Caliroots online site, as well as, Titlo Shop and Hanon Shop.

So yeah, I'm sure you get it.... I LOVE TO SHOP!

I could go on for days, but I think that's enough secrets for now.