After Work Is The After Party: Don Coqui Astoria And SoCo Brooklyn Make Us Feel Right At Home // Ray-J Disappoints The Ladies

Mack Wilds wasn't the only one who enjoyed himself at Don Coqui Astoria, a couple of weeks ago....

By the looks of it; everyone at the after work hot spot was having a good time.

How could you not have fun with Mister Cee on the turn tables and 2-for-1 drinks flowing?

Not to mention, Don Coqui is known for it's vibrant atmosphere and appetizing Puerto Rican cuisine.
   The coconut shrimp with mango sauce is amazing by the way.

The venue hosts R&B Wednesdays, where lots of old school celebrities go to party and connect with their fans.

I've been hearing about Don Coqui for awhile, but this was my first time visiting the spot, and I had a ball.

The restaurant chain has a number of locations throughout New York City; so I can't speak on every location, but Astoria Queens is definitely turnt up!

The plush decor matches the splendid service....

.... So hold up, what the heck happened to Ray J that night? LOL

Don't think we forgot Mister 'Curtains Closed'.... Apparently the event was supposed to be a birthday celebration for Ray J, hosted by Mack Wilds & Horace Brown .... But Ray J never showed up.

Luckily most people were too ecstatic to be upset with his absence....  It's a new year! Let's party!

There were a few ladies who were disappointed though.  One girl told me she got her hair did just for the occasion.  Poor thing!   

I'm sure Ray J would've came through with his fiancee Princess Love anyway.... 

So much for wishful thinking.

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Mack Wilds definitely brought the fun, however; with Felicia Pearson AKA Snoop From The Wire, Cyn Santana, Stephanie Santiago and more!

Another cool spot I recently visited is SoCo; in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn.

A chill comfort food spot, for date night, or family gatherings....

The Lobster, Shrimp and Grits entree is a favorite among guests and the live hip hop violinist, Phearnone is an added plus.