African Entertainment Initiatives & Accomplishments: MTV MAMA 2015 // AKON Lighting Africa // Michael Blackson's Africa Forever Camos At Carolines On Broadway // Going Home Film // Steelo Apparel & More

It's important to support our roots/extended families everyday, not just when "its trending".

As leaders of media and the next generation, we need to keep our eyes on Africa and it's prominent figures.

My last post touched on The BOF Education and 2016 wishes from a few Fashion Execs, but I want to highlight; I connected most with Nigerian Creative Director of Stylehouse Files, Omoyemi Akerele.  Her statement was authentic and traditional to African family life.  

Those of us who are familiar with African life, could easily visualize her story....  

It took me back to childhood and spending holiday time with family.

Ironically, the same day I watched Akerele's video, I happened to be flicking through channels and suddenly stopped on the Africa Channel...  

A re-cap of MTV's African Music Awards MAMA 2015 was on....

Anthony Anderson hosted the awards in South Africa.  

The show was dope!  Lots of great music and fashion.

Ne-Yo and Jhene Aiko were among the performers, including my boy Flavour.  

Flavour is known for his hit song Nwa Baby.  Soca DJ's play this song in parties alot; so many mistake Flavour for being a Caribbean artist even though he's Nigerian.

View the full list of winners including D' Banj and Nicki Minaj here.

Speaking of African entertainment, did anyone notice Senegalese, Rapper AKON; light up Africa last year?!


Honestly, neither did I... until Uncle Murda mentioned it in his 2015 Rap-Up....  


It's sad that with all these blogs and media, we have to hear something as huge as AKON's initiative to provide light to 600 Million African homes; in a rap song before we get the message.

"Akon helped 600 Million Africans that didn't get no press...." - 2015 Rap Up - Uncle Murda

Click the image to learn about AKON Lighting Africa and how you can be apart of the mission.

Another cool mission is the Going Home project led by Actor, Philanthropist, and Fashion Entrepreneur Mohamed Dione.  

Known for his roles in Notorious, Get Rich Or Die Tryin' and 
Law & Order, Mohamed, who is of Guinean and Senegalese decent is also leading the Going Home documentary project and fashion line.

Africa Forever is a similar brand endorsed by Ghanaian Comedian Michael Blackson, who I recently got to see perform a brief skit at Caroline's On Broadway; for Sway's Annual Party, last Friday (full post coming soon).
Blackson looked fresh as always.  I immediately noticed his tapered camouflage cargo pants with Africa Forever patches and asked who made them....
Love this beanie also!

Shout out Miss Jazz Marie, The Connekt for promoting African American inspired brand, Steelo Apparel at the event as well.  

Cool line, can't wait to get some fresh goodies.