The Ladies Have Taken Over Celebrity Apprentice!! Vivica Fox & Kenya Moore Run The Show

Welp!  I never pictured this, but I guess when you see it, you believe it!

Yes.  It's true our beautiful Vivica Fox has taken over 

By the 4th show, Ms. Fox has been Project Manager twice, leading the the women's team to a number of victories.

Ms. Kenya Moore has also shown her extraordinary leadership skills, leading her team, to a victory of her own.

Kenya's Project Manager task, is one of my favorites so far.  The cast had to create a mobile presentation for Nordstrom, geared to marketing Ivanka Trump's shoe collection

*** Sidebar: Nordstrom is one of my favorite department stores 
(I love Bergdorf Goodman [Neiman Marcus] & Bloomingdale's as well).  

Coincidentally, I purchased a pair of Ivanka's Carmen2 Snake Skin Flats this past summer.  

Because I have an arch, flats are usually not comfortable for me - but these are different for some reason.  I really love them! ***

Anywho, back to the show...  I'm extremely ecstatic to see all the women on the show, getting along and putting any differences aside to achieve the winning victory.

Of course it comes with a fair amount of drama and tea, like any good reality show; yet that never stops the progress.  The show must go on.

I've had the pleasure of working for Ms. Vivica Fox as an assistant to her Publicist, BJ Coleman the President of 
Coleman Entertainment Group.

One of the best experiences of my life!

I wish all the cast good luck and hope this season ends as good as it started.

Watch Celebrity Apprentice Tonight! Monday 8PM EST.