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Below are some photos of the pieces I've purchased for clients, (Cool reviews also):

Purchased for two clients.... Complex's Video ReCap 
(It was insane).


The best! Would use again for sure. Imani went above and beyond. A+++

March 21, 2014 
- Nicole (New Jersey) 


Purchased for two of my clients; one who lives in New Jersey.

 I purchased this dress for one of my clients going to the Ibiza Rocks (Ibiza, Spain Music Festival).

Coincidently, Miss Shameless Maya was looking for some retro swim suits via Twitter and I was able to share my finds with her:

Another insane yet fun shopping day.


Amazing! Totally punctual, great communication, and awesome attitude. Thanks!
June 12, 2014 
- Nisha (New York City) 


This was one of the more organized and calm sales.

I purchased the large "Momma" Cuff in Rose Gold.

 Necklace Charms


Shopping for this watch was so easy and quick!  Swatch's team of employees are great!  

The Sistem51 was previously released in Switzerland, but was now being released for the first time in New York City.

There was an excited hype around the release - it was advertised throughout the New York Post. 

I arrived early hoping to be one of the first people online and I was... second in line.  

I was greeted by anxious, happy customers, and learned so much about this watch and more just by standing on line and engaging in conversation.

Apparently this watch has only 51 components (hence Sistem51), which are put together with one screw!

Not only were the consumers anxious to buy this amazing watch, but Swatch employees were excited as well.  

The first employee to greet us was; Elijah.

He was awesome!  So friendly and informative.  He explained that he was one of 5 people who could actually sell us the watch, because he was picked to go to Switzerland, to receive training on it.  Dope!

Although Swatch Club Members were supposed to be the first in the store; they let everyone in early.  

Upon entering, we were greeted by smiling waiters serving breakfast hor'derves, mimosas and flavored water in wine glasses.  Immaculate.  

I was not prepared for such high class treatment, but was rather pleased.

I ended up purchasing a total of 6 watches for 3 customers.  Awesome day!

Shout out Elijah and Swatch on 45th Street!


Imani knew what was required, communicated throughout and got the job done quickly and efficiently. 
July 1, 2014 
- Brian (Indiana) 
Imani was terrific...quick communication, speedy fulfillment!
July 6, 2014 
- Sam (D.C)