Celebrating 30 Years of Ralph Lauren Home// IN CASED YOU MISSED IT: Oprah's Next Chapter Interview w/ Lauren & Kanye On Ralph

"I've always been inspired by the world around me - places I've been to, the places I dream of visiting, from the Wild West to Paris or into the Old Hollywood of my favorite movies. 

Designing for me is a creative journey - it starts with the mood, or the feeling, of a certain place.  With that mood, I create a world that is rare and enduring - often my image of a place, one that exists only in my collections.

When I design, I invite you to take a journey with me, to be transformed - even if just for a moment - and be inspired by a sense of newness and individuality, a spirit of adventure.

And my hope is that I've created a world you want to return to again and again."

Artists from all walks of life can relate to this excerpt in Ralph Lauren's Home Collection's 30 Year Anniversary Issue.

Upon reading it, I thought about the iconic success of Lauren's collections.  

From growing up in The Bronx, New York, to showing collections on Paris runways.

As a designer, what's better than an internationally, respected label?

I still buy a Polo Ralph Lauren sweater every year.  It's a timeless, essential piece

Ralph Lauren is one of those designers you don't mind spending money on, because his clothes are durable, stylish and classic.

You can get away with wearing a Polo Shirt or Riding Boots from 4 years ago today.  Why? Because it's Ralph Lauren!  Timeless.

At over 70 years old, Lauren is still working and comes off genuine and down to earth.  A cool person to be around - you can tell from Oprah's Next Chapter interview.

Ralph Lauren's practical, diverse collections have inspired so many individuals - entrepreneurs, entertainers and artists....  

I previously posted a dope reconstructed Ralph collection, by TI$A, who admits to being a Polo connoisseur.  See it here.

Kanye, who is good friends with TI$A, also gives Ralph Lauren a shout out during this Jimmy Kimmel interview. 

Jimmy Kimmel

"Never Think That I'm Not From Chicago...." - Kanye