Respect The West: Kendrick Lamar Presents "good kid, m.A.A.d city" (Audio/Video Update)

The best way to describe good kid, m.A.A.d city is a MOVIE. You may ask; how can an album be a movie? But there is truthfully no other way to describe this album. Some have labeled the album as a classic, but I'll say good kid, m.A.A.d city is a masterpiece. No matter where your at in the world; the album instantly places you in Kendrick's Compton, California community. Each track gives you the feeling, you are riding with Kendrick through each experience and interaction. There's no doubt you have to listen to this album from beginning to end, to fully understand Kendrick's story and message. However, he makes listening incredibly easy, fun and entertaining. Each track transcends into the other perfectly like reading the chapters of a best selling novel. Every artist feature compliments each song. The skits between tracks transition the change of scenery and emotion. The reality of the situations are so relatable, anyone who grew up in a lower-class, urban city can feel the passion.

As an artist, Kendrick is very complex, you can never predict which direction he will take on a track. He has mastered the art of flowing with each beat. The beats and flow switch precisely at the right time. It comes at no surprise that Dr. Dre has executive produced this album along with Kendrick. It has a soulful, smooth and seductive sound when appropriate. Each beat sets the tone for a new emotion or message. Ali, Kendrick's DJ has done an incredible job mixing the tracks and samples as well. Kendrick's voice is infectious. His Cali swag is visible with every bar. He know's exactly when to slow down with a sexy flow or turn up like an O.G

By the end of this movie you learn that Kendrick has grown up in an uninspiring, violent urban community. He has been exposed to drugs, crime, abuse and self-inflicted pain in this angry, m.A.A.d city. Yet some how he gets through it all and learns that God, along with his loving family, has put him on a straight path. He will not look backwards, only forwards towards positivity. 

After repeatedly listening to this album, I strongly recommend that every young, colored individual, growing up in an urban community, listen to it as well. In fact, I recommend every Hip Hop fan listen to this album. Although I cannot yet say, Kendrick Lamar is Hip Hop's Savior, I will firmly attest- good kid, m.A.A.d city should be savored! 

Salute Kendrick Lamar. Continue speaking to the youth and making great music.   

Depending on where you bought good kid, m.A.A.d city you might have a different edition. There are about four editions altogether. I bought the Itunes edition. I can repeatedly listen to most of the album through, but my favorite tracks are:

B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe ***** (I was giving ratings from 0-4, but I had to edit & give this song 5, listen to it everyday faithfully & Lady Gaga wasn't needed- solid)
Backseat Freestyle ****
Money Trees ft. Jay Rock ***
Poetic Justice ft. Drake ****
m.A.A.d city ft. MC Eiht **** 
Swimming Pools ****
I'm Dying of Thirst
Real ft. Anna Wise
The Recipe ft. Dr. Dre *
Now or Never ft. Mary J. Blige **
Collect Calls ***

Check out Kendrick's message performances during his album signing at Compton & Union Square Best Buy below:


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