KANYE "Louis Vuitton Don" West! Need I say more?

Kanye West's Fashion Night Out Frenzy in NYC September 10, 2010 

                Two years ago, I said Nas may be the best dressed in hip hop fashion. 
I still have tremendous love for this influtential Hip Hop icon, but, he may have to pass the crown.... 

At the time, I completely overlooked His Highness Mr. West. Since then, Kanye West has become my favorite producer, artist, entertainer, and fashion guru. 

I know it may sound corny but Kanye's Power has inspired me to do so many things within these last few years. I loved his XXL interview, because of it, I (not a fan of social media originally) created a twitter account! I can definitely identify with what he said and the concept of "Love/Hate". 

There are so many phenomenal things I can say about Kanye and each of his five albums, but right now I'm focused on his fashion sense. We see him in so many different looks and styles and each statement is right on point. 

Not to mention that his fashion sense has been noticed in the US and abroad. Since his internships at the Gap and Fendi, he has designed iconic sneakers (contracts with two world renowned brands), & received the ACE 'Stylemaker' Fashion Award.... [DONDA UPDATE]

In the near future, I plan to write an article with in-depth facts and opinions on why I feel he is exceptional.... As for now, however, I will just leave you with links and pics which prove his remarkable influence.

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