by Imani Clark
Catching Your Eyes -  SBshades - Killer Frames!

"Everyday a star IS born", and we often want to know everything about them. What they're wearing, who their besties are... Well many celebrities have the same best friend- their shades!  They are the perfect accessory and make almost anyone look, and feel like a star, they also put the stamp of perfection on an outfit. The industry of shades has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. The vast options have expanded in great numbers. From Kanye’s Glow in the Dark Shutter Shades to Beyonce’s Fringed Diva Shades, we have all wanted to wear the latest shades seen on our favorite celebs. There are many talented designers, but SBShades by Stevie Boi always seem to catch my eye. SBshades are the look – to Kill!
Stevie Boi your shades can be seen on many notable celebrities and in numerous videos. Gaga has made tons of appearances in them. I think I really started to take notice when Rapper Lola Monroe wore them in the Bedrock Remix video. She killed it. The transparent shades were extremely fashion forward and futuristic. They stepped her whole outfit up and spoke volumes about her style. Like many of SBShades, Lola’s, gave you the impression that she was going to wurk, to do some real damage; with style. Most importantly her shades allowed her to shine in the group of well known females. They’re stylish and kind of jump out at you like POW!

Is that Stevie Boi’s mission, to allow one to stand out and bring forth their “inner star”?
Wow great question! I feel as though my product definitely brings out people's crazy side. Literally when people wear it they automatically turn into another character. I honestly feel there's magic behind those lenses I create.
What inspired you to design Shades? Are you originally a stylist?

I am originally a musician, turned model, turned photographer, turned designer. In 2009, I created SBshades with a budget of 20 dollars. Since then it has been featured in over 247 publications and has helped many around the world.
Do you consider your product sunglasses or shades? Is there a difference in your opinion?   
No they're all the same to me.
Where do you get your inspiration to design?
My inspiration comes from my limited materials. Sometimes I even dream up crazy high fashions or I simply just freestyle.
What celebrity has influenced you? 
No celeb has influenced me like Grace Jones. She is My Everything!

Do you do most of the designing? Do you have a team?
I do 99.9 percent of the designing. I do not like people designing for me. I'm not that type of designer.  But, I will do custom-orders for clients or customers and have them give me their ideas.
Was there ever a time when you felt your designs were too risky or the public might not accept them?
Only one time. I created Lady Gaga a pair of glasses that were a little on the drug side. But I'm glad we didn't use them, because it would've been a bad message.
Your shades are very futuristic, can they be seen in any movies or notable advertisements?
Of course. Everyday on MTV for the next Jersey Shore show. Also billboards in China and Japan and many other places. Yesterday I was flipping through channels and stopped on E!, to hear them give me credit and shout me out. That was cool.


What type of materials do you use? What is your preference? 
I use lots of custom materials from my manufacturers in NYC. I prefer high quality materials -nothing flimsy.
Where is your business based?
My business is based in New York and Baltimore.
It’s great to see Black professionals and business’ succeed. 
Are you African American? Where were you born?
I am a proud African American. I was born in Augusta, Georgia.  I'm a farm boy.
Are your shades primarily for women or men?
My shades are for everyone who is bold enough to wear them.
Who is your favorite person to style?
I love to style Lola Monroe and myself- my top two!

I have a passion for fashion and I used to think it was women’s fashion. However, when I began writing this blog I realized, I was leaning more towards men’s fashion. It’s something about a man who looks nice in his clothes. It is impressive and says a lot about him, especially when his style goes hand and hand with his personality. I also feel that men can be easier to style.  Do you agree? Do you prefer to design/style men or women? 
Men are honestly boring, unless they’re just like me.

Singer Miguel
I admire Lady Gaga’s fashion statements and risks. Is this something you foresaw when you began designing? A star of her stature wearing your shades?  
It never hit me until she wore my pieces. They fit her perfectly. It's a no brainer we are meant for each other *laughs*.image
Where can someone purchase SBShades? What advice would you give to someone before they purchase your shades?
You can purchase SBshades at www.StevieBoi.com and I offer FREE shipping worldwide. Best advice before purchasing- make sure you can handle the attention you will receive after wearing them Bad Boyz!
Which market international/national has been the most receptive to your brand?
Everywhere overseas! I love my SB Gorrilaz (supporters)! I definitely receive lots of attention in Paris, London, Japan and China, because of my commercial there.
 What is your next big project or goal?
Next goal is my 2012 clothing and fashion accessories line.
It drops September 12th at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! I'm super excited!

SB, thank you for granting me this wonderful interview opportunity.  I see you!  Salute Grace Jones, Beyonce, Lola Monroe, Lady Gaga, and Miguel.

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