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I thought we were over certain fashion styles; and the do's and don'ts were clear, but some of our young, flashy, fly trendsetters can't get past certain habits and trends. 

Nowadays, young men are really taking consideration into their sense of style.  Taking pride in what they wear, and how they wear it.... yet, we still have some who need a little help.

Not that I have exquisite fashion sense, but I do have a few opinions on some things, which, might help young urban fashionistas. 

>> The infamous baggy jean for males are played out. Over done.  Please give it up fellas! I'm not saying you have to wear fitted jeans or skinny jeans; but a nice loose or boot-cut fit will suffice. 

Since I'm on the topic of baggy and fitted jeans, I have to say; allowing your jeans to sag, under your butt; is ridiculous!!  And when you rock a belt with that style, it's even more ridiculous.  

The style originated in prison where inmates did not have belts.  It's the dumbest style ever.  Really not cute. If your jeans are too tight just don't wear them.  
Why buy your jeans fitted intentionally, to have them sag?  If you like this style you mind as well invest in a pair of skinny jeans!

I am actually surprised at how popular skinny jeans have become for men. But, I'm not knocking it.  If your a male, and you like skinny jeans; that's great.  I just feel like the whole outfit should coordinate and be balanced. One piece should compliment the other. 

>> Skinny jeans should not be worn with big bulky basketball sneakers. Just like a women should know her body, and dress according to her body type; so should a man. What looks nice on one person might not look nice on the next. I know it is easy to follow the trends of your favorite celebrity.  Many of them set great trends, however, their style sense might work better for them. What they crush; you may flop ( & they usually have a stylist, duh!)

>> Here are some young male trend setters:

Nas - the best dressed rapper, and maybe in hip hop as a whole. [NAS COMPETITION]
He knows what looks good on him, and how to put outfits together. Impeccable swag.

T.I - He came a long way from "Rubberband Man" Lol. He looks nice in many different styles. Love TIP! 

Jim Jones - Always looks nice. Although I hate when his pants sag, he always has on a nice belt. 

P. Diddy - Trendsetter. Hello; Sean John. Good taste. 

Faboulous -Sets a new trend in almost every video. 

Young Dro - Taking Polo Ralph Lauren and the casual look to a new level. Very nice. 

Young Jeezy - From his fitted to his kicks, everything he wears looks good on him.

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  1. Well put!! Skinny jeans is still a controversial issue to me.. How skinny is too skinny? And only few guys can completely pull the look off without being labeled (whatever it may be)


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