Meeting Owl 3: The Best Camera For Your Online Group Meeting or Conference Call


Two weeks ago, I briefly mentioned; my client told me about the Meeting Owl 3 camera, which works exceptionally well during group meetings and online conferences.

However, I hadn't actually experienced it until last week, after we recommended it to another client, who purchased it for his annual holiday meeting, for an employee joining via Zoom!

The Meeting Owl 3 is really cool.  It literally provides 360-degree shots by panning to the voice of the speaker, as well as panoramic views - and group shots, so that everyone in the room is accounted for.

You no longer have to turn your laptop, television or mobile device during Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack or Google Hangouts, just place the Meeting Owl 3 on the table and viola!

Unfortunately, I can't share visuals from my client's meeting, but I found some videos provided by Owl Labs, the brand maker.   Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

Don't say I didn't put you on!  

Happy Holidays 🎁