Candace Owens Crushes CASABLANCA Cropped Quilted Jacket - Shop The Look & More Inside

Say what you want about Candace Owens - she's crushing the fashion scene on her Daily Wire: Candace Owens Podcast.

Yeah, we saw her support Ye in that deplorable Yeezy T-shirt, at his Paris Fashion Show, a few weeks ago; but let's scratch that off the list.

What's the political agenda?  

Not interested... but, I'd LOVE to know; who's styling her?!

Ms. Owens popped up on my Twitter timeline wearing this super cute quilted jacket that took me back to my Burberry days.  

I got so fixated on the look, I could barely pay attention to the audio Kim K (allegedly) left on Ray J's voicemail.

I immediately searched online and found the CASABLANCA Cropped Quilted Jacket on The Editorialist website!

But wait, is this the jacket?!  Am I trippin'?  Candace had me fooled... sitting behind the desk, I didn't realize it was cropped!

Super fly, if not, even more dope!  The cropped aesthetic gives the jacket a less conservative look.

I found a Men's version too!  CASABLANCA Graphic-print Quilted Jacket on Farfetch (full length of course) - similar to how I assumed the Women's actually looked.  

For those who like to shop Him and Hers, here you go! 😉

I won't be subscribing to Owens' podcast or political views, but I might peep once in a while to see what she's wearing. Lol.

Here's a few more looks of Owens' fashion sense, for ladies who love a wardrobe full of color and style:

(I would either lose the headband or replace it with silk one) #Ijs

I can't find this 👆sweater 🙃 as a turtleneck person, I'm a little disappointed....  

Drop the link below 👇 if you're familiar with the brand.