We Not Talking 'Bout These Looks Enough : The Girls That Get It Get It [Review The Fit]

It's been a minute since we talked fashion (the irony).... So much to review!

Entertainers/Influencers are applying pressure in the dopest fits, curated by even doper Stylists!

Designer collaborations are at an all time high and everyones getting to the bag, showing up, and showing out!  

Let's go over the looks that stood out to us, since the last quarter of 2021.

Yung Miami wore an $11,000 Chanel Jacket, BUT JT eats the girls with bars and style, in the City Girls, Top Notch video ft Fivio Foreign  

She came through the Bodega stepping, in Gucci's GG Kaleidoscope Padded Jacket and GG Kaleidoscope Silk Shorts!  

Couldn't find the bra - might've been custom made.

The look was paired with Jimmy Choo x Mugler Bicolor Stripe Mesh Sock Booties. πŸ’š

Vogue UK asked the City Girls' about their style, and favorite designers, after the video premiere.  Read about their favs here.

JT and Caresha ain't the only Queens holding the South downBig Latto hits us with a sexy flex every week!  

Channeling a bit of JT sass and Cardi B x Megan Thee Stallion allure; Latto rocks the full Mugler look!  

The self-proclaimed Youngest N Richest, rapper slayed in the booties, Illusion Shaping Bodysuit, and Spiral Leggings.

If you thought her outfit looked similar to Meg and Cardi B's WAP wardrobe, well that's because those designs are custom Mugler!

BIA gave futuristic fashion forward mami, while rocking the black street wear version; a Mugler Women's Blouson Cropped Puffer Jacket, in her 'LONDON' video ft. J Cole.

Theirry Mugler, most known for designing wardrobe for Beyonce's World Tours and Kim Kardashian's 2019 Met Gala "Wet" look; passed earlier this year.  Condolences to his family.πŸ•Š

Not only did Latto put on for Mugler - she also gave us curvaceous business woman, styled in a Paco Rabanne's Psychedelic Open Ring Skirt and Psychedelic Crop Top

Latto wasn't the only one up on this fit though - we peeped Sherri Shepherd hosting the Wendy Williams Show in the skirt the same week!

I love how the look can be paired together or separate, and the pieces look great on younger and older women alike!  They might be sold out on Paco Rabanne's website, so click the image below to shop Icon-Shop.be before it's too late.

Like the Rabanne look; we loved Sherri in Jonathan Simkhai's Kazuki Space Dye Dress!

Say what you want about Sherri hosting - she picked up where Wendy left off in the blogs!

Wait... bring it back! πŸ”  We can't mention Cardi B in reference to Mugler, and not give her - fashion flowers!

Cardi effortlessly sets the girls straight; rocking exclusive street wear and high fashions!  

Here's the looks we love from her Instagram

She ate in the green Gucci x NorthFace Padded Jacket.  While most of us were still trying to get our hands on the monogram canvas color, i.e ASAP Rocky and Monica....

... Cardi popped up at an Atlanta Hawks game with the mean green fit.

Then she teamed up with her two besties to slay some more....  

*Sidebar* I remember those days, flossing Burberry jackets with my ex.....  Circa  ''01-'02.  

So nostalgic!  Most Supreme collaborations are!  Like the recent collaboration with Lil' Kim!!

OMG when I first saw the Lil' Kim x Supreme Bowling Shirts, and Skateboards; I screamed - literally!

Like WTH?! When are these dropping??  

I wanted one for Coachella and went ham researching the release online.  I even had my sister go to the Supreme store on Bowery St; but it's hard copping these releases.   

They don't announce what's being released.  There's very little information online, and the in-store release lines are always super long.   

You have to register online, and hope you make it early enough to enter the store, while stock lasts.

The collaboration pays homage to Lil Kim's 90's Hardcore era, or what most call; The Golden Era.

I couldn't cop for Coachella (but I saw a dude wearing the shirt during Karol G's set).  

Hope they restock or I'm hitting a resale. 😏

Speaking of Lil Kim's Golden Era, we can't forget to mention how Cardi's Met dress was inspired by Kim's Versace looks .

The mother of two, stunned in a custom Versace Gold Chain Gown at the Met Gala!  Turning heads with every step, she proves; she's still Up and not taking her foot off our necks.  

Props to Kollin Carter for styling her, and the beautiful Normani, in Christian Soriano.

Photo Credit: Cindy Ord - Getty Images

Which brings me to the Versace x FENDI, FENDACE collection! 

The collections' campaign features top Super Models; Naomi Campbell, Anok Yai, Imaan Hammam, and Adut Akech Bior

Do we like? Let me know in the comments.

Monica, Ashanti and Tiwa Savage didn't waste any time stuntin' on the 'Gram!

Photo Credit : Monica Denise IG

Ok Miss Savage.  She wasn't playin' when she said Somebody Son gon' find her 😁.  Peep the video featuring Brandy (above).

Yassss! The Goddesses are serving!!! 

We can't mention a Goddess serve without mentioning the Bajan beauty, Robyn Rihanna Fenty who was honored as a National Hero in Barbados late last year.

This 34-year-old mommy, is a Billionaire, who dethroned the Queen, and shut down the Met in less than a year!   

                                                     In her own words, "What's more gilded than that??"  

Riri been serving belly since announcing her pregnancy with Rocky earlier this year!

Did you peep the lace up Jean Paul Gaultier Cardigan, Carhartt Jacket, Attico Stir Up Leggings, and Jimmy Choos??!

                                                                                 Photo Credit: Diggzy

Like Ri, girl!  You ain't have to do us like that! 

In the name of fashion, you can almost never go wrong rocking Carhartt/Carhartt WIP (even in heels)!

Rocky is regularly spotted in Carhartt jackets too!

As seen in their now infamous pregnancy reveal photoASAP Rocky sports a Vintage Distressed Denim Carhartt Jacket.

Photo Credit: Diggzy

That reminds me....  I had lunch with my homeboy at Bon Chon a few weeks ago, and he pulled up with black Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket with Corduroy Collar. πŸ”₯

😻 I LOVE a dude in Carhartt!

#WIP for sure! πŸ˜„

🎢 Say a little pray for me. πŸŽΆ Lol

Getting back to Goddess/God energy.... We're fresh off of Ramadan and Maino blessed us with the "Prayer" Puffer Jacket by Mercy X Mankind, in March.

Scrolling MXM's website it says the Puffer (which depics Muslims praying in Mecca - Hajj), is from the brands's FW21 collection....  Honestly, it didn't matter what season it's from - the coat hard!! πŸ˜…

I sent Maino's post to my peeps....  

The Puffer was a little pricey, and it's getting warm; so they decided to get the "Prayer" Button Down Shirt, which is just as dope as the Puffer Jacket!  

It took over a month to receive, because collections are made to order; so plan ahead if you want some heat!

Flowers are blooming.  Spring is here!   Might not be a bad time to throw on a Prada Bucket Hat!

... Shop at the Prada, shop at the store (BIA voice) ... 

Lil Baby, Lil Durk and even Rihanna have been spotted in Prada buckets.  A classic Spring/Summer statement accessory and favorite in Hip Hop fashion.

Love, love, love the leather mint green!  

Click the images below ↓ to create a similar look and shop the collection.

Bucket hats not only keep you cool in warm weather; they'e great for rain too! 

Love rain boots, but y'all can have the Balenciaga and Bottegas!

We like the Chloe Betty Rain Boots Jada Kingdom wore in January, during her performance at Amazura NYC.

Kingdom pulled up pretty in pink, to rock the sold out venue, with hits like Green Dreams and One Time. πŸ’Έ

Her boots were a nice addition to her pink ensemble; and most likely more comfortable than heels! 

Jada and Spice shut down Amazura Caribbean style, along with Nailah Blackman (not seen here).  

But hold' up! That's not Nailah!  That's AsianDoll! πŸ˜† Jada's bestie at the time.

These two aren't cool any more, but we're not gonna get into the drama here, had to post the pic to give Asian her props tho!  Di gyal fly! 

Hope these ladies can mend their friendship. ✍

Her polka dot bag is cute, but I like the Dior Navy Blue Toile de Jouy!

Here we go again! Getting off topic... 

Anyway....  Not a fan of the Bottega Tire Boots.   Bottega always been over-rated in my opinion, but I'll crush the Rubber Flash Clogs - and not just on rainy days !  

I'm still a 90's Clog girl, so when I found myself watching Chelsea Alana's vlog, and she mentioned her mom bought her these Flamingo Colored Bottega Shoes; but didn't particularly like them....  

I'm sitting here like - GIRL! You wild!  Lol. I would hop on those in a heartbeat!

Now that we're ready to make it rain, we're wrapping up this first quarter fashion review. πŸ˜†

Hope you got caught up on some looks you missed and designers you were searching for.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and don't be shy....  We wanna hear about some other fashion trends you loved this year too!