Everybody Spicy : Nas Drops Visuals For 'Spicy' Ft. Fivio Foreign & Asap Ferg // Renni Rucci: Bag Talk // Tory Lanez Premieres 'Daystar' // Shenseea Keeps Carnival Alive with Newest Hit // Former Entertainment Lawyer Breaks Down Kanye's Def Jam Contracts // Brandy vs Monica Recap (Late Post) & More

Everybody Spicy ... as they say on the bonus track of Nas' homage to NYC; the latest album in his prolific discography, King's Disease.

Yessir! The unprecedented bewilderment that is 2020 continues, and we're still here in this hazy fog, waiting on the latest shocker to hit the air waves.

As a native New Yorker, who grew up blocks away from Nas' native neighborhood, Queensbridge; I have a special place in my heart for the ridiculously fine Virgo.
So Nas drops King's Disease; and my colleague, asked if I heard it, while on FaceTime; "No, is it good?"....  His response; "Yeah. It's dope."

I heard the prior buzz about Nas taking a shot at Doja Cat on the record Ultra Black, so I thought he might've been "clout chasing" as the kids say.

Doja, recently upset the African American community by not embracing her African side (she's bi-racial), and entertaining White supremacist on social media. 

Love Doja, but she was wrong, and a bit misguided.  I think she feels out of touch with her "Black side".  She's never really had a relationship with her father; a South African actor.  Not to mention, if you know anything about Doja, you know; she's kooky, and known to push boundaries.

streamed the album and instantly felt good.  King's Disease is pleasantly refreshing.  It's nostalgic tone brings you back to a time when rap was lyrical, easy to understand, realistic, and clean. It's not extra violent or derogatory.  

King's Disease praises Black Men and Women and encourages guidance.  Nas reminds us to be more loving, and better ourselves as culture.

The Hit-Boy produced project had just the right amount of features including Lil Durk, Charlie Wilson, Fivio Foreign, and ASAP Ferg.  Two of my favorite tracks on the project are All Bad ft. Anderson .Paak and Full Circle ft. The Firm - AZ, Cormega and Foxy Brown.

It took me awhile to actually post, because I wanted to sit with it for awhile, but it's a really good album. I've mentioned it to everyone I had a music conversation with.  It's one of Nas' best in my opinion.  Easily a classic.

Although nostalgic, it's not too preachy, and doesn't feel dated.  Don't usually care for Nas' beats; but I love the production.  A real timeless project.  Nas not only shows love to his borough, Queens; but the whole NYC. 

In a recent interview with Wayno of Everyday Struggle and Amazon Music; he mentioned the song Spicy grew on him.  It's the track most influenced by New York's current drill sound.  Totally understandable it took Nas a minute to catch on πŸ˜‰.  Shout out them Brooklyn boys Fivio and Pop Smoke. Free Bobby. Free Rowdy.
Black love is on brand right now.  

Tory Lanez, who has yet to be indicted on charges for allegedly shooting Megan The Stallion; dropped a surprise album DAYSTAR, claiming his innocence, while simultaneously professing his love for the beloved Hot Girl.  *side eye*

I've already spoke on this story, so I won't reiterate my opinion.  If interested, check it here: Urban Fashion Sensebut I'm on neither artists' side.  I enjoy both their music equally. 

Who doesn't love 'The Stallion's 2020 Summer hit; Captain Hook? Or her wicked flow on Tina Montana and Realer??   That girl was spittin' hard.  Speaking of spittin' we CAN'T dismiss the latest hot girl smash single, WAP by Cardi B, ft. Meg; the icing on top. 🍦

She's captivating.... But let's not get carried away on the Hottie carousel πŸŽ πŸ˜‰ ....  

Tory made some valid points, stating his peace on the album, and it's fire!  The multitalented artist gives us his unmatched range on every track, while clearly giving his account of this sensationally high profiled story.

Queen and Slim; is one of the best tracks, yet, Tory details the events of that dreadful night with Kylie Jenner, Meg, and her friend Kelsey throughout the album.  Go listen ↑. 

Not only did he drop an album, but he got extra bold and dropped visuals for Most High.  "Praise to the most high", a chant reminiscent of Uptown, New York City, with lyrical flows borrowed from Hov and Slick Rick.  It's a hit.  A mash-up masterpiece... but, I could've did without the visuals.  

Half the Hip Hop community currently detests Tory (whose fighting a pending case).  The album was enough for me.  The video, although it's amassed 12-million views in less than a week; was a little unnecessary.  Lanez should lay low for awhile.  No visuals please

In more spicy nostalgia news, I have to praise Brandy and Monica for being able to put their differences aside for Verzuz.

These two Queens brought over 7-million viewers to watch them peace-it-up on various streaming platforms. The unity we needed this weary year. 

#WontHeDoIt  #StrongerTogether  #StrengthInNumbers  #BlackGirlMagic  #DoItForTheLadies

It felt good to listen to the ladies' catalog as they sat side by side.  It would've been nice if Monica was more engaging.   I guess she was feeling herself, being that she was in her hometown; dressed in Fendi! 😹

Ms. Brown did not come to play honey.  She set the record straight. Monica got hits!  Her attitude is cohesive with mine.  I've always vibed to her music.  It hits deep

She's a vibe for the grown woman in you, while Brandy is more for your younger teeny-bopper years. Nevertheless, they have hits.  The Boy Is Mine controversy, along with other salacious stories has led many to forget some of their legendary work. These ladies are icons and should be celebrated as such. 🌹🌹🌹🌹

The money calling ladies.... Y'all bet' stop playing.

Since we on this bag talk; shout out, Renni Rucci. πŸ—£ 

Happy Birthday πŸ₯³ to the upcoming, Hip Hop artist, and native of South Carolina.  I came across her music on SoundCloud and instantly fell in love with her sound.  

Rucci is so fly with a versatile flow as well!  Easily standing apart from other southern artists even with a slight twang.  Her swaggy Summer anthem, Bag Talk, is hittin'.  ↓ Catch the video below. ↓

Similar to Rucci, Multatto, another lyrical artist from the South; is putting on for the ladies.  She outchea killin' the skreets, and the streaming world, with hit videos like B*tch from the Souf (Remix) ft. Trina and Saweetie.

I would love to find out who's her stylist, 'cause Latto always looks exquisite.
Kudos to the ladies putting on this year - not letting quarantine get us down.  

Anyone else found themselves on YouTube waaaay more than usual? As if there's such a thing....
I got rid of cable and purchased a Smart TV.  I'm officially committed to YouTube University πŸŽ“.  When I'm not learning something of value; I'm tuned into vlogs.

I binged on NY Hip Hop artist, DreamDoll, and internationally known Nigerian, DJ Cuppy's videos. 
I know; they're from totally different worlds, but both are funny, talented, and family oriented....

Both these ladies dropped colorful projects recently.....  Check out DreamDoll's new song Ah Ah Ah ft. Fivio Foreign, and Cuppy's eccentric Afro Beats album; Original Copy.  Wale ft. Wyclef Jean is my favorite track.

Big shout to Afro Beats, Soca, Reggae and Calypso lovers.  Due to the pandemic, many of us missed Carnival, but still a whine up in di crib. 😝

Always a carnival vibeHappy Bornday πŸ₯³ to the ever spicy Shenseea, who's been dropping music consistently this year. πŸ’‹  Even as a feature, Shenseea romanticizes island pride on Lighter; a worldwide hit from Reggae artist Tarrus Riley.

As one can see in the video (currently trending with over 12-million views on YouTube); Shenseea doesn't shy away from her sexuality.  Foreplay is one of my favorite tunes right now.  No need for a Kartel remix.  Shenseea's one of the best at talking sex and smack.

Jada Kingdom, another provocative Jamaican artist who came on the scene not long after Shenseea; is just as talented.  Bringing us Bedroom Bully in every visual, and beautiful, sultry vocals; Kingdom commands her features.  Shake by Skillibeng ft. Jada Kingdom is currently playing on repeat πŸ”. 

....  WiN, a more introspective record, Kingdom premiered a few months ago, has over 3-million views.  
I respect her image acceptance; embracing her culture and natural beauty.  She's beautiful.  It's comforting to know that even in pandemonium, people are still realistic and not all superficial.

.... Not sure my Gemini brother Kanye got the message.

As many already know; Mr. West is loquaciously using Twitter to express his thoughts; again.  Taking shots at everyone from his in-laws, to Adidas (his business partners), and the music industry.  It seems he's waging a war on musics' corporate structure and contracts.  Contesting, he wants to own his masters, and would like for his children to own his royalties one day.

Yeezy claims he'll fight for all artist to own their royalties, and is currently in litigation with Def Jam, Island Def Jam x Roc Nation; the label that groomed his career.  'Ye went to the extreme of leaking over 100 pages of confidential contracts, and urinated on one of his Grammy awards.

A few blogs covered this story and highlighted some serious issues in Yeezy's contracts, as well as some of his character flaws.  Most notable, Stephanie, of Wine n' Chill, a former Bad Boy entertainment lawyer, takes a deep dive into the files.  Very intriguing.  ↓ Have a look below. ↓

Love her personality!