Shop Plus 2 Clothing For TALL Dude Swag

My TALL male friends often ask me why fashion brands don't design more clothes for guys of their stature.

Designers have gotten better about this, but I understand their struggle.  

It's kind of ironic, since lots of TALL guys set the tone for today's fashion trends i.e Jordan, etc.

There's a number of entertainers who pave the way for the next fashion craze as well.

For instance, ASAP Rocky is now the face of Dior, Wiz Khalifa leads Taylor Gang; and Future has a dope 'Hendrix-Style' fashion sense.

These guys spearhead the new generation of fashion and Hip Hop....  But let's not forget, B.I.G brought us Coogi and Versace, Jay Z birthed Rocawear and Diddy solidified Sean John.

Each of these 6-foot plus moguls made it cool for dudes who weren't the average height to be fly.  Today athletes follow their lead as well.

I've always been the type to look for the next big thing.....

After a quick internet search I found Plus 2 Clothing an online street-wear site based in Australia, but focused on the TALL male everywhere. 

+2 not only has dope, affordable street-wear, but the bundle packs they offer are also a nice touch.

So fellas can order a bunch a t-shirts as a package deal.  

I immediately forwarded the link to all my guy friends, as I was intrigued by +Plus 2 Clothing  design concept, logo and international shipping....
Satisfied with my search, I can now tell my friends that getting fresh is just a click away.