HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY LADIES: Treat Yourself To A Housing Works Make-over (Re-cap) // Dont' Miss Make-over Mondays In LES


Housing Works, a treasure in city fashion finds, and known for community-focused fashion & beauty events; thrives on Women Empowerment.  

Valentine's Day is no exception.  

As Women, many of us look forward to spending Valentine's Day with our latest boo-thing.

Some ladies make super special, romantic plans; while others just view it as another day.

Whether you're the lovey-dovey type or you feel EVERYDAY is Valentine's; Housing Works Tribeca, had you in mind at their Pre-Valentine's: Treat Yourself event this past Friday.

Ladies shopping at Housing Works' Tribeca were offered a free Makeup Make-over when they made a purchase of $25 or more.

Prior to the event, I heard they were looking for a makeup artist, so I recommended my colleague MAAMA NYC.

MAAMA or Monique, hosts her own weekly beauty make-overs, 'Make-Over Mondays', at her L.E.S salon on 90 E. 3rd Street.


Each Monday is different in the intimate setting, filled with fresh young ladies looking to socialize and pamper themselves after work or school. 

Monique focuses on nails one week and lip care the next.  No evening is the same.  Just perfect!  


Her display of finger foods and various wines - a thoughtful touch, and often a surprise to curious new comers. 

So what better MUA, at Housing Works' Treat Yourself event than MAAMA??

MAAMA NYC Does Housing Works Customer Makeup For Valentines Day

The event went well.  Similar to Monique's events, Housing Works had Moscato and appetizers for customers.


The store managers also used that time to announce the winner of their monthly raffle.  

Because customers are encouraged to enter the raffle for two weeks into the new month; this particular winner wasn't in the store....

Not to worry, they phoned her with the delightful news....  She won a new Tory Burch Bag!


Definitely something to look forward to! 


I'll be supporting both Housing Works and MAAMA's events more often.  It was a really nice atmosphere.

If you're looking to be made over or just want to stop by and check out one of Monique's events feel free to reach her at befabYOUluxenyc.com or grab a ticket to her next event on Eventbrite