FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Urban Fashion Sense Sits In with Sway In The Morning To Discuss Beyonce's Superbowl Performance

Almost three months into 2016, and I'm beaming at all the opportunities I've gotten so far, not to mention, multiple projects I have coming up.

It's all about making moves and getting things done. TUNNEL VISION.

Flashback to earlier this year, January, when I had the amazing opportunity to sit in with Sway, Heather B and Tracy G on   
Sway In The Morning at Caroline's On Broadway, for the  
Celebrity Wire portion of Sway's Comedy Search, totally not planned....

Sway and his team were incredibly gracious to the audience.  They asked if there were any bloggers or entreprenuers who had projects they wanted to promote.

So of course I shout out Urban Fashion Sense!

Sway's Comedy Search is an annual event and a hit with listeners or "Citizens" as Sway calls them....  

Everything was real organic and warm.  

Sway Calloway is extremely humble for a star of his calibur.  Who knew he's been to the White House and interviewed the President six times!!?  Phenomenal.

We were greeted with a full breakfast and a hip hop mix by DJ Wonder.  

Moet was flowing....  You know Heather B was lit & gotta love Tracy G!

Guests who answered Sway's Universe Quiz questions correctly; received some cool prizes.

I'm not good at on the spot quizzes, however I did win a G Eazy CD and Citizen tee.

Oh Yeah!!

Caroline's was packed - early! 

So many came out to show love including Comedians, Michael Blackson, Dean Edwards and Rob Stapleton.

Edwards and Blackson's sets were hilarious.  I mentioned Blackson's Africa Forever Cargos in an earlier post.  So fire.

It was a really good time....  Oh and the amateur comedians were cool too! LOL.

During my 'Celebrity Wire' segment; we talked about Beyonce performing at Superbowl with Coldplay.

Edited by John Markic

We were just wondering why Bey was performing again when she performed 3 years ago.

I totally see WHY she performed now, although I still want to see RiRi perform on that stage.

Speaking of Rihanna; she doing big tings with her  
Fenty x Puma line, and her new 'Work' video featuring Drizzy.


Work. Work. Work. Work. Work....