Okevia Wilson - Atlanta's Newest Powerhouse, Interview With Urban Fashion Sense [Audio] // Shh! Sweepstakes Inside

 Okevia Wilson
I took a stab at Real Estate earlier this year.  I worked hard and got my license after taking the test twice... I even closed a few apartments in Brooklyn.

I really enjoy it, however, it's not as easy as you might think....  Its a lot of work!

I'm taking a break for the change of seasons
... but a Real Estate license is like a passport - it's always good to have one.

Ironically, WEtv debuted it's newest reality show;  
Selling It In The ATL a few weeks ago.... 

Reality shows are a guilty pleasure.  I'm selective of the shows I watch.

However, this new show, featuring minority business women in Real Estate; immediately got me hooked!

It's awesome at displaying the lives of seven successful entrepreneurs, and revealing the challenges they face everyday in Atlanta; while running their businesses, and maintaining family life.

Each women is her own boss, so I thought it would be cool to connect with one of the more seasoned Realtors, Okevia Wilson.... Who is not only a boss - but more like a Powerhouse!

Okevia hosted a "Watch Party" at EL CID, for the 3rd episode of the series in New York City last week.  This was the perfect time to connect with her!

With the assistance of Ms. Wilson's publicist, we decided to meet at the Soho Grand Hotel, before her party.

Prior to our meeting, I learned that Okevia was the Creative Director and Co-Owner of Lux Salon in Atlanta, and a Realtor at Allure Realty Group.  

I wanted to get to know her better and learn how she balances everything....

Being a successful business women: What do you hope to accomplish with the reality show?

Concern about cast mate Gwen, not receiving spousal support for her Autistic son.

How do you balance work and home life? ... Being a mom and receiving spousal support.

Which venture did you begin first? Beauty Industry or Real Estate Industry? 

On operating a multi-cultural salon.

Which of your businesses is the most challenging?

Which one are you more passionate about? 

How is the Real Estate market in Atlanta different from the market in New York?

Girl Talk:  Atlanta or New York? Real Estate Economy. Thoughts on Real Housewives Of Atlanta & Kenya Moore's Character.

Is there gentrification in Atlanta, like what's going on now in New York City?

What was your most exciting or biggest deal?

"Anybody can close a million dollar deal.  I've done those.... For me it's always so good to see the person that saved their money, and fixed their credit and I call them two years later after meeting them and they're ready... and when they thought about Real Estate - they thought about me.  So for me it's more of those type deals." - Okevia Wilson 

Selling It In The ATL airs on WEtv Thursdays at 10pm EST. 

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