If you're a female and didn't have a TLC poster on your wall in the 1990's you're either too young, not into Hip Hop/R&B/Pop, OR you were just buggin'!

TLC, the BEST SELLING FEMALE GROUP of all time, ambitiously gained success through from their musical talent and creativity.

From their CRAZYSEXYCOOL personas to their top #1 hits, their trinity pushed a whole urban culture forward.

We all know someone similar to each of the ladies and fans had their favorite.... Whether you liked Chilli's sensuality, Left Eye's spunk or T-Boz's swag, there was no doubt they all brought something different to the scene.

They're style was so fly and fashion forward for Tom Boys (like me), and they're lyrics were a breath a fresh air for misguided/boy crazy teenage girls.

Their message proved women could be dominate, sexy and independent.  Today, TLC's music is still classic; selling millions worldwide....

Unfortunately, with success there's always a loss.  The group faced many obstacles, some played out before our eyes and others were behind closed doors.

After 20 years of emotional trials and tribulations, Chilli and T-boz have come together to produce a biopic of TLC's legacy. 

Although Left Eye's cycle was completed way too soon, she is very much respected and remembered in the VH1 Movie.

TLC: CRAZYSEXYCOOL biopic debuted last night and was awesome!!  

T-Boz and Chilli single-handedly picked the cast members: Lil Mama (Left Eye), Drew Sidora (T-boz) and Keke Palmer (Chilli), who each did phenomenal jobs.

Not to sound cliche, but it is totally a must see, if you haven't already!  I'm sure VH1 will gradually replay it.

Their story will always have a place in music history, TLC is FOREVER.

See promotional interviews from T-Boz/Chilli, he cast of TLC's Biopic & footage of Left Eye speaking on Tupac below.  

See what founding member Crystal Jones had to say about the group here

>>>>>>>> It Was All A Dream <<<<<<<<<

Yesterday was a historical day for music.  Along with TLC's CRAZYSEXYCOOL biopic debut, Diddy also debuted his new cable network REVOLT.TV.  

Check out Diddy's interview with the Breakfast Club, where he speaks about the launch and the King of New York.

** If your cable network doesn't have Revolt.TV tweet them #NeedRevolt **