Bring It Back, Bring It Back! Kelly Rowland

I'm a little upset with Miss Kelly Rowland.  Her album TALK A GOOD GAME, debuted on June 18, along with J Cole's Born Sinner, Kanye's Yeezus, etc.  

While, there was some promo for her fourth solo album, most of the promotion surrounded her publicity stunts crying in public, and her second single 'Dirty Laundry', in which she speaks on envying Beyonce's success....

Poor marketing plan.  'Dirty Laundry' was such a turn off for me, and the fact that two other amazing artists were dropping albums the same day, made me less anxious to listen/buy Kelly's album. 

Now, four months after her album came out, I read an article about her, decide to check the album out and I'm amazed!

Talk A Good Game is really smooth.  A good album to cruise to. 

I've always loved Kelly's voice and music style, but the production and collaboration choices were magnificent. 

Producers, Kevin Cossom, Mike Will Made It, and Boi-1da provided good beats.  Wiz Khalifa, Michelle Williams, Pusha-T and Beyonce were great features.

>> Dirty Laundry, produced by The Dream, did this album no justice. <<

No wonder I was turned off, I have a love-hate relationship with The Dream's music.  But, it's not so much the song, it's the concept.

If you've fallen back from R&B and trying to bring that old thing back, as I am, this song is most like not your motivation [no pun intended].

You have to listen to the album as a whole.  

Kelly's third single 'Gone' featuring Wiz Khalifa, samples Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi (also sampled by Janet Jackson) is one of my favorites. 

Lots of good samples on this album.  Listen below.  If you haven't copped it, do so now!

Kelly will be performing at this years 

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