Emmanuel Léroy's Spring/Summer ‘13 'Graffiti' Collection Is Here!

Emmanuel Léroy designs around the idea of ‘Perfect Imperfections’, taking concepts that may be deemed different or abnormal to create a product that is of high quality and artistry.  Using imperfect concepts to create perfect solutions, enable consumers to distinguish our brand from others that seem to follow the same rubric. 

In this collection we took the concept of graffiti and normalized it.  Where it wouldn't ordinarily be considered fashionable, but rather a defacing of property, we embraced it as an appreciation for its artistic value.  Our designs represent individuals with an artistic and trendy edge.... 
We honored our French theme in the ‘Graffiti’ T-shirt design, and became inspired by our native, rugged New York City visuals….  

As we walk through the city, we encounter a vast amount of imperfections.  From unsanitary subway trains, to potholes and cracks in the sidewalks, homeless individuals who reside on our streets, and graffiti plastered on old iron cast buildings (which seem to be everywhere) - all imperfect attributes to a perfect city. 

Our inspiration reveals a creative blend of culture from fashion capitals; Paris and New York, combined in magnificent uniformity. 

For more info on this collection or to request an order from/line sheet feel free to contact Emmanuel Léroy at e.leroy.fashion@gmail.com.  Check out our recent Fall/Winter 2012 Club de Champagne Collection here: Club De Champage F/W 2012
Emmanuel Leroy

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