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Written by Imani Clark       

“Google Crookednyc” said my friend Mason, randomly.  At first I’m hesitant, unaware of what I’m going to find.  Reluctantly, I punched the site into my search engine and found a great logo; a red skull head with a worm going through it…. The logo was symbolic of a bad apple.  “Cool,” I thought.  Across the skull’s mouth was a label “Davinci Crooks NYC”, below that, was a link  click to enter”.

I entered the website, and was presented with various beaded bracelets.  The beads are comprised from a variety of stones and marble, linked with gold accents. The main theme, however, were the skull heads; most of the beads had this shape. 

The details and prices of this men’s accessory line, really impressed and intrigued me.  I continued to search the website and found an assortment of chains and key chains.  Being fond of Chinese jade, I learned that many of the bracelets were made from this stone.  Urban, well-crafted, hip, and versatile; people of all different backgrounds would equally enjoy these bands. 

After exploring the site, I contacted the CEO, Davinci Crooks, to get more information. Davinci was in the last minute stages of organizing an official launch party for the brand, but was pleasant and helpful.

Crooks explained, he was 20 years old and started his brand exactly one year ago.  He was born in Guyana and arrived in Brooklyn, NY in 2002.  Crooks liked bracelets and decided to make some.  To his surprise, immediately after he began sporting them, he gained many inquiries about the rare bands.  Because he wasn’t working, he decided to produce the beaded bands himself.

“I have a strong network”, said Crooks. “The bracelets were quickly picked up by a couple of stores. I like to work with a lot of boutiques,” he explained.

Crooksnyc accessories can be purchased at the Cheese Wagon Boutique, Paper Doll Boutique in Brooklyn, or Memes Boutique in Manhattan.  The accessory line has even expanded overseas.  According to Crooks, Japan’s market loves the brand.  “There are more exquisite stones outside of the U.S.  The bracelets sell really quickly out there.  People like variety”, said Crooks.

Now a successful accessory and apparel brand, Crooksnyc, can be seen on a number of notable celebrities such as, Chris Brown, Jadakiss, and Pusha-T.  The Vault Harlem was the first store to carry Crooks’ bracelets, therefore, the party at The Vault, is a way of “giving back”. 

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Davinci's interview with The Vault Harlem